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Wild Safari

Wild life and wild life sanctuaries are the other attractions for tourists visiting Uttarakhand.Come and see a fascinating diversity of wildlife. Unique, mysterious and forever fascinating, Uttarakhand spans a diverse variety of geographical terrain that is a veritable treasure house of animals and birds. Right from the lofty mountains perennially under a thick blanket of snow, to the river valleys, from the undulating highlands to the thickly forested Terai, one finds a rich variety of species of flora and fauna.

Wildlife abounds all over the state, but in order to protect its many species and to enable visitors to view them in their natural habitat, there are specially designated areas, national parks and sanctuaries.

Wildlife Safari

On wheels join us for jeep Safaris on majestic mountain ridges, in open valleys along rivers with sweeping are of the himalayas to ever present. Our safaris promise to take you to places in the corners of the himalayas to place of enthralling beauty each unique in its character , customs and people from the moonscape terrain Laddakh to the unexplored Spiti and Kinnaur region, from the interiors of Kumaon hills to Garhwal holy land from the sand dunes of Rajasthan to the great history and cultures. All our jeep safaris are planned to give you variety and a true taste of the himalayas way of life.
Like Camel and Horse safaris, another popular form is the Jeep Safari. The Jeep Safari not only refreshes and revitalises but one feels close to nature while driving through the quiet and beautiful countryside. Let your senses sway to the romance of the surroundings as you pass forts, palaces, historical landmarks and villages.

Jeep Safari

The jeep safaris can be organized for 1 to 15 days duration, and overnight jungle camps could be arranged, accordingly. Jeep safaris could also be arranged for bird watching and wild life tours.

Elephant Safari

For the more adventurous we arrange elephant safaris through the elephant corridor within Rajaji National Park. You would keep off the main park road and get a choice to view the shy varieties of wild life. Jungle camps are located along the routes of the safaris. The booking of elephant safaris has to be done at least 15 day before the scheduled date.

Forest Treks

For those who would like to be closer to the nature and study the flora and fauna of the park and encounter wild life on foot. We arrange a variety of trekking activities through the park and across the Shiwalik ranges. Our naturalists and guides would accompany you at all times.

Cycle expedition

A full day’s expedition covering about 30-60 Km's Cab is arranged for jungle excursion. Expedition for 3-4 days, including over night stay at forest camps could also be arranged.

Corbett National Park

Corbelt National Park is India 's first and finest national park spread over 520sq. kms along the banks of Ramganga river, located in the foot hills of the Himalayas. It was named as Corbett National Park in honour and memory of the Late Jim Corbett, the legendary hunter, naturalist-turned author and photographer who had helped in setting up the park and demarcating its boundaries. The elevation of the park ranges between 400 and 1200 mtrs. The park offers different kinds of vegetation all along its varied topography which comprises hilly and riparian areas , temporary marshy depressions, plateaus and ravines. The animals listed in the Corbett are - Leopard, leopard cat, jungle cat, fishing cat, Himalayan black bear, deer, crested serpent, eagle, osprey, Black winged kite, shikra, spotted eagle, babblers etc.