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School Program

We organize all the basic activities in schools to tell more about the adventure to the students. As we all know that these small children are the future of the world and they should know all sorts of things whether it is related to study or any other adventure activity. We also support and give basic training if some one interested in it and want to make achievements in this respective field. We give all our support to make his/her future shine.

Activities Conducted In schools

Activity Description
Jumaring A technique of negotiating difficult pitches on rock and ice.
Rappelling It is a technique of sliding down with the help of rope and other equipment.
Rope Courses This is the series of rope and wooden bridges, platforms, nets and ladders. It helps one to take challenges from easy to difficult.
Flying Fox It is a fun activity in which a person come down through a slanting rope and other safety equipments at different speeds.
Twine The activity is about balancing oneself on a rope with the help of other overhanging ropes to reach a certain distance.
Tyrolean Traverse It is a method of crossing a building or river with the help of ropes.
Burma Bridge It is a technique of crossing a bridge made of ropes and lines.
Trust Fall In this activity a person has to trust his/her team members while doing the act. It is not dangerous but this activity brings out strong positives for trust and responsibility.
Knots practice Lecture demonstration and practice of various kinds of knots used in adventure activities and also helpful in the time of need.
Tent Pitching Pitching A shape tents and give lecture about do’s and don’ts.
Human Web This activity is to take the entire team through a web made of ropes. The team has to creatively plan, take leadership and execute in cohesion to successfully complete the task.

Note : We organize all these school activities in all over India. For more detail please mail us at info@rockmountadventure.com

Overnight in the school

Rock Mount Adventure overnight camping for boys and girls age 6-15 .Our main aim is to organize overnight camping in the school to introduce basic activity of mountaineering and to develop confidence in them. During activity we give some useful tips for traveling. We also try to develop confidence, Fear Factor, Team work. Planning, Accept challenges, Will power and much more. Day adventure itinerary Link to school gallery.


Rock Mount Adventure trekking is a summer Trek for boys and girls ages above 15 basically this programme is for Five to Twelve days. Student carry there Clothing and other stuff in a rucksack This is right age to develop planning skill, peer relationships, value of decision, environmental awareness self-esteem etc….
Our aim is not only built up confidence level but also how to live without there parents because in the future they have to go to other places for there higher education. Trekking itinerary (Link to trekking gallery)


Rock Mount Adventure organize outdoor summer camp for boys and girls ages 6-19. Our focus is to blend traditional summer camp activities with an appreciation for nature and the environment. What are the benefits of overnight summer camp experience?"
In summer camp children have an opportunity to act on their own, be self-reliant and try things for themselves. To put it in one word, summer camp provides independence, and that's a major part of growing up. When campers find adult friends, called counselors, listening, teamwork and appreciation of differences, campers set new and high standards for their own behavior, making their new found independence more online with you at home teachings
Many of our campers return year after year saying that "Rock Mount Adventure allows them to be their real self with real people" and that's a good thing. Contact for camping itinerary (Link to School outdoor camping gallery ).